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accelerators and incubators in London

accelerators and incubators in London

Bethnal Green Ventures Collider True Start
bethnalgreenventures.com and makerversity.org collider.io truestart.co.uk
Bethnal Green Ventures is an accelerator programme for people who want to change the world using technology.We invest in and support great teams with new ideas to help build solutions to social and environmental problems through an intensive three-month programme.It’s a new way of supporting people to grow sustainable social innovations that have the potential to change the lives of millions of people. Collider is an accelerator dedicated to marketing and advertising start-ups that help brands understand and engage with customers. Support includes: investment and mentoring. TrueStart is a London based retail accelerator and fashion accelerator specifically designed for retail, consumer and fashion entrepreneurs. Investments range from £25,000-£200,000 and includes access to a global network of retailers, support from TrueStart’s internal team and wide range of mentors, legal and accounting services and office space for six months.
Established by Social Innovation Camp Ltd True Capital group. TrueStart founder and True Capital partner Matt Truman was previously Global Head of Retail for Lehman Brothers, and then Head of European Retail at JP Morgan
Social and environmental problems with technology. From how we provide health and social care to designing new forms of education, energy creation and employment we invest specifically in technology startups that are building disruptive platforms, products and services that enable brands to better engage, understand and sell to their consumers. We are particularly excited about the possibilities of:
– Tools for video- Online to offline- Dynamic and native advertising- Automated marketing- Marketing analytics- Consumer analytics- Platforms to enhance sales- Product and consumer awareness- E-commerce and m-commerce- Offline digital retail- In-store technologies- Augmented Reality- Artificial Intelligence- Content curation and distribution- Marketing productivity tools- Enterprise Startups
TrueStart only invests in retail, consumer and fashion start ups
Three months Four months:
Week 0: Getting to know you. An introduction to Collider. Week 1 What’s your problem? Understanding your customers’ challenges. Week 2 Spec the Tech Identifying the right tech set-up. Week 3 Map to the Future. Creating a roadmap to the killer product. Week 4 Taking Care of Business Developing the model, writing the plan. Week 6 The Dream Team. Establishing a culture that supercharges your people. Week 7 Show Me The Money. The who, what, why, where and when of raising money. Week 8 Pitch Perfect Crafting your customer proposition to be irresistible.Week 9 Calm Before Tthe Storm Less learning, more doing. Week 10 Fever Pitch. That day. Those investors. You’re up. Week 11 Selling The Dream The dos and don’ts of opening and closing that big deal. Week 12 Crowd Control Creating audiences, advocates, communities and customers. Week 13 Legal Eagles Protecting and exploiting your IP without getting burned. Week 14 Collider Roadshow Collider showcases to brands, agencies and investors outside of London. Week 15 Recharge Perfect and polish your pitch and proposition, do deals. Week 16 The Final Countdown. Improving your skills, product, sales and story. Week 17 We Have Lift Off It’s Demo Day, people. Go hard, or go home. Week 18 The £100k. Are you ready for follow-on funding?
TrueStart Victoria will host up to 20 new businesses per year, each spending a minimum of six months in the space
people with great ideas: they might be software developers, designers or people with personal experience of something they want to change – from teachers and doctors, to patients and carers TrueStart only invests in retail, consumers and fashion start ups
very early-stage ideas – not business plans early-stage startups with products, technologies or services that are targeted at disrupting any aspect of the retail and consumer landscape
We invest £15,000 in each team in exchange for 6% equity. 10 startups will receive £50k each for 11% equity. the startups will be charged £10k for the four month programme. After four months, 5 startups will receive a further £100k each for 11% equity. These startups will be charged £10k for a further 8 months’ support £25-50k, for on average 10 per cent equity, or 3% stake for network
one-on-one coaching sessions, brand and investor introductions, and a series of workshops. Unlike other accelerators, our startups are assigned one coach who will work with them for an entire year. During your weekly board meetings with your coach, they will keep you laser-focused on your objectives and when the time is right, introduce you to the perfect brand or investor. We’ll help you craft your proposition, write a business plan, produce a cashflow with P&L, develop a product roadmap, forge your brand identity, nail your pitches, and a whole lot more 400m2 space, over 90 mentors
launch a set of new ventures, but to build an alumni community that will go on to create and run even more social startups in the future to put 20 startups through its program each year, who receive mentoring from TrueStart’s team of entrepreneurs, along with legal, accounting and recruitment support, and access to its retail and consumer sector network
2008 2013
150 27 startups and 42 brands 5


Imperial College Incubator SeedCloud BBC Worldwide Labs
imperialinnovations.co.uk seedcloud.com bbcwlabs.com
The Imperial Incubator is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the technology sector, providing office and laboratory space for early-stage companies. The two-storey 24,000 foot Incubator facility contains 12 laboratories, 22 offices, meeting rooms and break-out areas. SeedCloud focuses on cloud-based, B2B ideas, particularly propositions that are based around big data, semantic and collaboration technologies, enterprise messaging or content management. The SeedCloud team can directly support, or even lead, technological development using a pool of internal IP and tools. SeedCloud is not a fund and does not invest capital in its portfolio companies. Its role is limited to technological, strategic, propositional and market advice – helping ideas become real businesses with customers and revenues, and driving focused execution. BBC Worldwide Labs is an excellerator, that selects six start-ups each year to join the programme and integrates them into the BBC ecosystem. It provides office space at BBC Worldwide and mentoring by internal and external industry experts. The dedicated Labs team helps to facilitate discussions amongst the various business units and brands at BBC Worldwide, encouraging collaboration and partnerships. Its goal is to strategically and commercially partner with and support the most innovative up-and-coming digital media companies that are helping to define the emerging digital landscape.
£3m from the London Development Agency (LDA) and £4m from Imperial College London, also Imperial Innovations two co-founders BBC Worldwide
Innovations invests in companies based on technologies from or associated with four universities: Imperial College London; and Cambridge University, Oxford University, and UCL. Sectors: biotechnology, BioPharma, Cleantech and Engineering sectors cloud-based and ideally B2B ideas. We have a strong interest in any propositions that are based around Big Data, semantic and collaboration technologies, enterprise messaging or content management digital media
Imperial Innovations runs a 18 months programme of seminars and events at the Incubator, designed specifically for entrepreneurs and inventors. These events are designed to inform business about the issues affecting start-up companies, generate discussion and debate around key subjects and to help establish new networks which will aid the growth of companies entrepreneurs who need assistance with propositional development, architecture and roadmap delivery, go-to-market strategy and initial seed funding in order to get their start-up off the ground During the six month programme Labs will work closely with selected companies with the objective of helping them strike a commercial partnership with BBC Worldwide
established business, a start-up or simply needs a virtual office cloud-based and ideally B2B ideas. Game changing products that are ready to go to market. Passionate teams with global vision. Synergy with BBC Worldwides’ brands. We look at technology oriented companies, typically these are web-based or other software companies, but we will consider companies that don’t quite fit that mold as well. We’re also looking for companies that can have a worldwide reach. Specifically, we don’t accept consultancies or other local service oriented companies.
early stage businesses early stage early stage
Innovations invested £35.1 million (2010: £14 million) in 23 ventures, and launched six new companies don’t invest don’t invest
Situated at the campus of Imperial College London take advantage of being in close proximity to eminent scientists and experts in technology. Covering 24,000 square feet, the two storey Incubator facility provides laboratory and office space for new and growing businesses in every sector, from medical devices to software to mechanical engineering. The laboratories each include separate write up areas and range in size from 450 to 1100 square feet Each SeedCloud opportunity is put through extensive market validation, using both the wide range of contacts that we have in the industry and market research data. Having established a need, we help the business develop a clear proposition and an understanding of how the product will be monetised. Bringing the vast technical experience of the team to bear, SeedCloud then assists in the design of the product. Our architects and technical experts span Cloud, Big Data, AI, machine learning and mobile technologies. The team helps companies to identify what aspects of their technology are unique and valuable, assisting with IP protection (patents etc). prime office space at BBC Worldwide and mentoring by internal and external industry experts. helps to facilitate discussions amongst the various business units and brands at BBC Worldwide, encouraging collaboration and partnerships. Our mentors and speakers are a mix of seasoned executives, successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, legal experts, venture capitalists and more. 4 to 5 members of your team with desk space
The Incubator is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship providing office and laboratory space for early-stage companies focused on proving and validating great B2B technology ideas, and in bringing those to life
2006 2013 2012
78. Over 35 (including virtual clients)technology companies are now operating successfully from over 24,000 square feet of office and laboratory space in the Imperial Incubator. 7 24
£140 m


Emerge Education London BioScience Innovation Centre Healthbox London
emerge.education lbic.com healthbox.com
Emerge Education is a three-month, London-based accelerator programme for startups aiming to improve educational outcomes worldwide. Owned by the Royal Veterinary College, LBIC is home to over 50 biotechnology and life science companies in central London, including small start-ups and more established players. The incubator is aimed at biotechnology, life science product and diagnostic companies, contract research organisations, medical device companies and service providers. LBIC offers shared networking space and meeting rooms. The Healthbox accelerator offers entrepreneurs healthcare industry access. Through a four-month process, it advises on business model, product, market proposition, team, and revenue model.Healthbox has networks in six cities.
private Royal Veterinary College Healthbox Global Partners, LLC
Education Healthcare
3 months. If we select you, the goal will be to build a compelling prototype or demo to raise money from appropriate investors. It’s better to launch a product before Demo Day if possible, but it’s not a must. A new proprietary business planning methodology based on working with over 75 healthcare companies
We will consider companies that already have significant traction and revenue before they apply to Emerge Education.   We expect you to apply with a compelling idea relevant to the education market. That said, we are looking for nimble teams that can pivot as needed, and team strength is a priority in our selection process. biotechnology, life science product and diagnostic companies, contract research organisations, medical device companies and service providers healthcare industry
early stage small start-ups and more established players start-ups
A living stipend of £15k. We take 3-8% (8% is in most cases) equity in your startup and an option to participate in up to 20% (cash value) of your next investment round at a 20% discount to the next best investor don’t invest don’t invest, only afterwards
Beta Testing & Accelerated customer acquisition tailored to your business model, Access to senior management within industry-leading businessest, Access to investment, A series of useful, fun events, dinners with celebrated founders, socials, and a tight group of edtech focused peers. The mentoring, networking, distribution, and testing provided in our program create value for most early stage companies. shared networking space (2,500sqm of superior quality space) and meeting rooms advises on business model, product, market proposition, team, and revenue model. provide deep industry expertise through structured programming, bespoke one-on-one consulting sessions, curated access to an expanded group of industry experts and exposure to a syndicate of potential investors. 30 partners, 83% 83% of Healthbox portfolio companies that are at least six months out of the program are generating substantial revenue or have successfully closed funding. 350+ experts
Europe’s leading centres for enabling bioscience and related knowledge-based companies to thrive, expand and succeed.
2011 2001 2012
21 50 86


Mewe360.com Incubator Distill Ventures Wayra
Mewe360.com distillventures.com wayra.co
MeWe360 offers the creative entrepreneur financial support and training as well as networks and space to meet and work. Distill Ventures is the world’s first accelerator dedicated to new and growing premium spirit brands. A joint venture between Diageo, the drinks gaint, and “innovation specialist” Independents United, it offers investment, mentoring and networking opportunities. Wayra is Telefónica’s startup accelerator, offering funding up to £32,000, a place to work, mentors, business partners, access to a global network of talent and the opportunity to reach millions of Telefónica customers.
creative private person Independents United, partnered with Diageo
Creative industries Spirit companies amazing digital start-ups that have the power to improve society. We want to accelerate businesses that do good – digital inclusion, education, e-learning, employment, environment, health and social innovation. This is by no means an exhaustive list of possible categories; we are looking for anything that supports and improves people’s lives, communities or society as a whole.
6 months 6-8 months
Creative persons, not companies THE SEED PROGRAMME is specifically designed for companies about to launch their brand, or who have launched their brand in a small way. You may be selling, but you likely still have fundamental issues to sort out before you can really start growing your business, or need further funds to prove you can start scaling your brand rapidly. More details are on the Seed Programme page.THE GROWTH PROGRAMME is designed for companies who have all the basics in place but need money to enable them to grow fast – so we’ll be open to all applications where the business can show it has potential to grow. You’ll find more details on the Growth Investment page. 29000 application received so far, 1.6% admission rate, average round $515 k and 61% graduates get financing
startups (1) Seed and (2) growth
don’t invest. Membership fees: Associate network: £175 /annum, Network: £350 /annum, Network Plus: £495 /annum, Incubator: £1500 /annum, Incubator Plus: agreeable. Bussiness support: £75 per hour. Workspace: 10 hours £30, 40 hours £80, 80 hours £120. Meeting Rooms from £20 / hour £100 / day. Larger Rooms from £50 / hour £250 / day. Board Rooms £75 / hour £375 / day. Cinema £100 / hour £600 / day Investment of £175K, but for possibility to buy the whole company funding up to $50,000 in the form of a convertible loan note, Wayra then converts this into around 7 to 10% equity after the next round of investment
Mentoring or coaching as well as expert advice and ‘hands-on’ practical support in key areas of business such as marketing, planning, finance and human resources. A programme of networking and leadership development events designed to inspire, inform and connect our membership including speakers, panel discussions, workshops, expert clinics. Facilities: Professional cinema, meeting, work and event spaces to present, collaborate and network. Mentoring from international industry experts, Support from DV’s team of entrepreneurs, Talks and workshops
from some of the best
in their field
incredible place to work, 100+ mentors, business partners, access to a global network of talent and the opportunity to reach millions of Telefónica customers. mentoring, technical support, access to business partners and Telefónica executives, and the chance to participate in a “demo day” at the end of the acceleration cycle
To provide support to creative business potential that might otherwise go untapped.
2012 2013
$23 m from Wayra, $74 m outside


TechStars London Accelerator Academy (at Innovation Warehouse) London City Incubator
techstars.com acceleratoracademy.com city.ac.uk
Techstars is a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program. Its three-month programme in London runs once each year. Additionally, there are several ‘powered by Techstars’ programmes with some of the biggest brands in the world. Only 10 companies are accepted per year. These companies get £10,000 in seed funding. Techstars founders also get free hosting and services, office space, three months of intensive mentorship, and the chance to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the programme. Innovation Warehouse is a community for entrepreneurs working on high-growth, high-impact startup businesses. Located in London, on top of Smithfields Market, support includes: co-working – with hot desking, and shared office space; investment – with an extensive angel network; events such as meet-ups, hackathons, training sessions, developers’ job fairs; and ongoing business support. The London City Incubator (LCI) helps early-stage high-growth start-up businesses to prepare for investment. It focuses on clean technology, medical devices, and digital media.
Techstars ventures private London City University
technology oriented companie digital entrepreneurs. focussed on start-up and early stage high growth potential Tech, Media, Telecoms (TMT) businesses Clean Technology
Medical Devices
Digital Media
3 months 3 months
We fund technology oriented companies, typically these are web-based or other software companies, but we’ve funded companies that don’t quite fit that mold as well. We’re also looking for companies that can have national or worldwide reach. Specifically, we don’t fund biotechnology companies, restaurants, consultancies, or other local service oriented companies. While we don’t screen applications just because they have a single founder, it does make things more difficult. We look for great, balanced teams who have a full range of skills ambitious digital entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, through Training, Mentoring and Access to Capital. Focussed on start-up and early stage high growth potential Tech, Media, Telecoms (TMT) businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs. The programme is focussed on start-ups that have already launched and businesses that are up to one year old (or lifetime revenues of £250k), as thereafter the growth challenges change. For companies at the pre-launch phase, we also help to run Fast Forward London, which is a pre-accelerator programme. B2B, B2C and B2B2C companies, tech, social, apps, ecommerce, digital media and marketing businesses. 1. We are looking to work with startup companies (not entrepreneurs with vague ideas). 2. We want scaleable businesses, capable of delivering a 10x return on seed stage investment within a 5 year timescale 3. We want to see some proof of concept (prototype, user data) 4. We love seeing commercial interest (sales, orders, letters of intent). The bigger the better! 5. We prioritise companies whose founders have brilliant domain expertise 6. We prefer at least co-founders to sole founders. Virtual support teams / NEDs are OK. 7. Inhouse development / tech tends to outrank outsourced support. 8. We want exceptionally hard working founders, prepared to listen and learn, apply knowledge into their startup to build impressive businesses that can “outrun the competition”. 9. Our preference is for disruptive tech 10. We work across B2B / B2C and B2B2C 11. Companies can be pre-revenue or generating sales, where possible we like to select businesses that are or can generate revenue during the 12 week programme. 12. Companies should be within their first year of trading 13. Ideally with a UK Limited company (at least within the ‘group’ if based abroad) 14. Evidence of prior founder investment (“skin in the game”) is increasingly the norm (ideally cash invested, salary sacrifice, or debt / equity raised) 15. Once accepted we expect absolute commitment to the training sessions and mentor meetings.
from just idea-companies to already mature 1m revenue businesses seed early-stage high-growth start-up
Techstars provides $118,000 in seed funding, intensive mentorship, and an amazing network of mentors and alumni for 7-10% equity Mentors and the Academy agree to buy up to 5% in participating companies, in the form of options. don’t invest
free hosting and services, sponsored meals, office space, mentoring. Techstars companies go on to average more than $2.0M raised in outside capital after the program 150 hours of training, mentoring and support, with weekly Academy classroom sessions and workshops, fortnightly Accelerator Clinic, weekly Mentoring from a dedicated Personal Business Mentor (all exited tech entrepreneurs) and attendance at other start up and Accelerator events.
Free workspace at the Innovation Warehouse, Farringdon for founders for the duration of the programme (& discounted thereafter)
Access to thousands of pounds of free support, offers, discounts and deals from a range of partners reflecting our position as a Tier One Accelerator.
Intensive, structured support around team, market and investor readiness.
Discounted and fixed fee legal and accounting services from our sponsor partners.
Admittance to the Accelerator Academy Alumni (upon successfully completing the programme), providing ongoing support, events, investor introductions and regular news / offers.
The opportunity to present to key early stage investors at the end of the programme.
2013 2011 2009
516, of which 399 active, 69 acquired and 58 or 11% failed 83
$1300 m helped our alumni raise around £12m of follow on investment


Oxygen Accelerator Accelerator London Centre For Fashion Enterprise
oxygenaccelerator.com accelerator-london.com fashion-enterprise.com
Oxygen Accelerator is one of Europe’s most established tech accelerators. Its 13-week programme provides investment, a collaborative environment, and access to a close-knit network of startups, mentors, investors and trusted advisors. Accelerator London is a specialist business incubator in Shoreditch, the heart of London’s ICT and digital media community. It offers start-ups working in information and communications technology and multimedia high quality, affordable office space, as well as access to the business support, training, networks and resources they need to grow and thrive. Front Row is the UK’s first fashion and technology accelerator programme. The accelerator provides London-based businesses with a three-month programme including: media exposure, creative workspace, first class mentorship, and access to finance.
London Metropolitan University
tech companies. We fund web technology companies. Typically these are web-based or other software companies, but we’ve funded companies that don’t quite fit that mould as well. We’re also looking for companies that can have international reach. If your company is web 2.0, Software As A Service, cloud based, mobile applications, digital games or a web service, then we are interested. information and communications technology and multimedia Fashion and technologies
3 months. Week 1 – Welcome & Admin Week
Week 2 – Back to basics
Week 3- Death by Mentor
Week 4 – Death by Mentor
Week 5 – Product Week
Week 6 – Product Week
Week 7 – Product Week
Week 8 – Sales Week
Week 9 – Traction Week
Week 10 – Investor Week
Week 11 – Business Plan Week
Week 12 – Pitch Week
Week 13 – Pitch Week
Most businesses stay with Accelerator for 3-4 years 3 months. At the end of the programme, all businesses will have a chance to pitch in front of a panel of investors and serial entrepreneurs in order to win a £5,000 cash prize
We look for technology startups working on big, world-changing, continent-shifting ideas. New Market Entry (Designer brands should have ideally been operational for at least 6 months), Fast Tech Programme (Are pre or early revenue businesses with a unique idea), New Fashion Pioneer (Designers should have £10,000+ revenue), New Fasion Venture (Designers should have £50,000+ revenue), Bulding Brand Equity (Designers should have £100,000+ revenue)
early stage businesses or start-up ideas different stages
You will receive up to £18,000 of founders investment, £6,000 per founder (capped at 3 founders), or €21,000 per team in exchange for 8% equity. 71% of them have received follow on funding. Yes, we invest £15,000 (2014) of additional investment on top of the founders investment into your startup. We then invoice the team £15,000 + VAT for programme fees. Total investment for a 2 founder team is £27k, for a team with 3 founders or more the total investment would be £32k. For startups who have already received £100k (€120k) of equity investment then we offer the same terms but for 4% equity. don’t invest don’t invest
Day to day support from our experienced team
– Our investment comes from the Oxygen Angel Investors, so you have a network of angels supporting your business from day 1.
– 150+ amazing mentors
– Demo day to our carefully selected network of investors
– Collaborative office space
– Entrepreneurs in Training providing extra support for your team
– Startup pack – Reduced or discounted products & services for your startup
– Support after graduation to close your investment round
– Support to close future investment rounds
– Membership of our alumni network of startups from around the world
workspace and equipment offered, help in creating business models, counselling, and networking with the other start-ups in the building, as well as being ushered into the community of start-ups Expert workshops on branding, marketing and PR, business planning and financial management, IP & legal issues, production, costing and pricing, personal and commercial skills and pitching for investment.
One on one support from a highly experienced pool of industry advisors and mentors who will provide regular and bespoke business support.
Access to the deep industry expertise and phenomenal network of the Centre for Fashion Enterprise. Over the last decade, CFE has played a central role in launching the careers of some of fashion’s most exciting new talent.
2011 2009 2011


Kitchenette Young Foundation Accelerator Microsoft Ventures
wearekitchenette.com youngfoundation.org/projects/the-accelerator, http://www.growingsocialventures.org/ microsoftventures.com/accelerators/london
Kitchenette is a food start-up incubator. It provides industry mentors and can give budding entrepreneurs access to its in-house kitchen The Accelerator is a four-month programme intended to propel and rapidly accelerate small but successful social enterprises, uniquely combining expert tutoring, business support and social investment. The Young Foundation Ventures Team provides support and finance to organisations currently under served by traditional private and public sector funding routes. It is focussed on finding high potential ventures in the fields of health, education and housing that are focused on changing people’s lives for the better. The Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London is a 3 month programme aimed at helping early stage start-ups working in cloud, internet, and mobile. A small group of high-potential startups will be chosen for the programme. Microsoft Ventures Accelerator will provide the startups with a workspace in central London, as well as free tools, top-quality mentorship, and training workshops.
Cynthia Shanmugalingam The Young Foundation Microsoft Ventures
food companies with social impact early stage start-ups working in cloud, internet, and mobile
year-long programme Four months. We offer 4 months of support consisting of 4 taught workshops, and optional top-up learning sessions supplimented by coaching and mentoring. 3 month programme
social enterprises, in the field of health, education and housing that are focused on changing people’s lives for the better. We are looking for individuals, projects or organisations who are addressing social needs. You might need help developing your idea into a more tangible intervention or taking an existing innovation to a new market. The support we offer is appropriate for all stages of development. While we don’t rule out companies with only a single founder, we know that single-founder companies have a much harder time succeeding. So we do strongly encourage companies to come in with a balanced team of at least one strong technical founder and one founder who has business or marketing experience.
early stage seed or developed idea early stage start-ups
don’t invest don’t invest don’t invest
London’s top mentors, great street food and pop-up residencies and access to investors to give their delicious and original new restaurants the best possible start. We match our entrepreneurs with industry mentors who’ve been there and done it – they advise on operational pitfalls, help grow a network, and tell the story of their own strange and unique pathways to success. covers four key areas of
expertise: (1) Strategic marketing support,
(2)Analysis of customer needs,
(3) Financial
planning skills and
(4) Legal, HR and robust systems development. bespoke programme that enables social ventures to reconfigure their
business model and be better able to grow
workspace in central London, as well as free tools, top-quality mentorship (35 mentors for 10 startups), and training workshops.
The Young Foundation is working to create a more equal and just society, where each individual can be fulfilled in their own terms. We work with the public and private sectors and civil society to empower people to lead happier and more meaningful lives.
2012 2012 2013
8 35


Level39 Digital Enterprise Greenwich (Digital Accelerator Programme) EcoMachines Incubator
level39.co digitalgreenwich.com/accelerator-programme-about/ ecomachinesincubator.com
Europe’s largest technology accelerator for finance, retail, cyber-security and future cities technology companies​. Open to finance, retail and future cities technology start-ups, Level39 offers drop-in space, hot-desks, fixed-desks and private office spaces as well as growth mentoring. The Digital Accelerator Programme provides free specialist business support programme to digital SMEs who work in the creative, digital or smart city arena. It aims to harness the large-scale regeneration activity across the Royal Borough of Greenwich to test and develop the market for innovative technological products in the digital home, mobility, health, transport, energy sectors and across cutting edge platforms and new service sectors. EcoMachines Incubator is a London-based hardware startup accelerator focused on energy, water, smart cities, transport, waste, materials and industrials.
Canary Wharf Group
finance, cyber-securities, retail and future cities technology companies creative, digital or smart city. digital home, mobility, health, transport, energy sectors energy, water, smart cities, transport, waste, materials and industrials
between 3 and 9 months
London based digital SMEs
early-stage businesses that have potential for high-growth seed
don’t invest £100k
Our ‘landing-pad’ membership, Pantry members can come into Level39 5 times a week and work from our shared Pantry space.

Access to Pantry area
Ideal for members who are travelling in/out London
Space designed by Gensler. The Architects that brought you both the design of Google and Banks.
Book Meeting Rooms for 6, 8 and 20 people, ideal for Client/Investor presentations
Access to Visitor Wifi
Access to Mentors & Investor community as well as monthly member events
Listed on Level39 Website

Price: £150 sign-up fee + £1500 yearly membership +VAT

1-2-1 support to develop growth strategy action plans
Events around new market opportunities from industry leaders working in and around the Greenwich Peninsula
Collaborative discussions with large corporate sponsors looking for tomorrow’s solutions, today
Disruptive technology briefings and early access to game-changing technology
Demand-led workshops on key business topics.
Mentors, networking,
2012 2011 2013


Red Bull Amplifier Entrepreneur First Connect London
redbullamplifier.com joinef.com connectlondon.org/jclbc.html
Red Bull Amplifier is a project designed to help the most innovative new music startups make their next step by plugging them into Red Bull’s global channels and international network of music properties and events. There is no money available. The programme is a creative partnership designed to help startups that are ready to scale their business by engaging them with Red Bull’s networks and enhancing its existing music properties with innovative technology in the process. Entrepreneur First’s accelerator for technology start-ups offers an intensive seven-month programme designed to support the first 100 days of a startup’s life. Boasting 150 mentors and an investors’ club, Connect London can provide experienced management team members for start-ups, assist with research and prototyping and the management of innovation/ intellectual property. It also provides Government backed start-ups loans up to £10,000.
Red Bull Matt Clifford, Alice
music technology technical, life science and high growth potential businesses
7 months
computer scientists, engineers. You don’t need a team or startup idea to apply. We just look for the best people.
don’t invest 3 months from start, with a stipend investment of £1,100 per person, per month. The last 3 months, with an additional £10,000 investment per startup we provide additional seed funding for your startup (typically £10,000) in return for 8% of your company.
networking mentoring, legal work, accounting, office space, and networking Assistance with obtaining funding and/or investors
Connecting entrepreneurs with mentors who have relevant business experience
Recommending business service suppliers and professional firms
Locating academic support if required
Networking with businesses and people with similar aspirations
most ambitious computer scientists, engineers and hackers to build massive companies


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